Starting on Jan. 1, 2020 there will be some changes Florida Laws

1. CELL PHONES – School zones, and active work areas are hands free zones. You won’t even be able to hold a cell phone.

Also, texting and driving is now a primary offense. The penalty for first-time texting violators is a $30 fine plus court costs. If you’re caught texting in a school or work zone, there’s a $60 fine and you’ll have three points added to your license.

2) PRESCRIPTIONS – Healthcare providers are required to send all prescriptions electronically. This is to help better track prescription drugs and eliminate the confusion that can sometimes arise from doctors’ messy handwriting.

3) MINIMUM WAGE – The state’s Department of Economic Opportunity reports the newest calculation will bump up wages 1.12%, or a dime, to $8.56 per hour ($5.54 for tipped employees) in 2020. In 2019, the minimum wage in Florida was $8.46 ($5.44 for tipped employees)

4) THE FLAG – To honor and remember the flag, authorizing the display of flag at specified locations, on specified days and in a specified manner.

5) OTHER LAWS- Also going into effect at the start of the year are bills related to qualified blind trusts, liens against motor vehicles and vessels, business organizations, office surgery, electronic legal documents, continuing care contracts, and immunization registry.