Microsoft Edge logoMicrosoft Edge, the successor to Internet Explorer, now has options for working with text. The browser has a built-in PDF viewer that allows you to open, read and edit PDF files directly in the browser.

PDFs are not editable by default, so that PDF editing would require a simple PDF editing software like Acrobat Reader. In recent times, developers are starting to incorporate PDF viewers into Web browsers. Microsoft Edge is one such browser. You can open any PDF files stored on your device or online PDF files using this browser. PDF annotation is also now possible using the browser PDF viewer.

Microsoft Edge PDF viewer eliminates the need for having separate apps for interacting with PDF files. But users have experienced a drawback while using the software. Until its recent update, filling PDF forms or adding text to PDF proved challenging using Microsoft Edge. Microsoft has fixed the issue by rolling out a new “Add Text” feature. Using this tool to fill in PDF forms and add custom text boxes to your documents eliminates the need for other software like Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You will appreciate this new tool when filling out PDF forms, but file restrictions make it difficult. Microsoft Edge’s “add text” feature will allow you to fill out forms even when the PDF doesn’t support fields. You can customize font size, color, and spacing and add notes to PDF.

To add text to your pdf files using the PDF viewer, you will need to have the latest version of Microsoft Edge.

  • Open the PDF file in the Microsoft Edge browser to add text.
  • Click on “Add Text” on the browser toolbar.
  • Move your cursor to the desired point on the document and left-click.
  • Type in your text.
  • After typing, edit the text box using the mini menu attached.
  • Modify the font size, color, and spacing as you wish. Your preferences are saved automatically.
  • Add more text boxes as you desire (subsequent text boxes will have the same format as the first one), following the same steps above until you finish editing your PDF.
  • Once you are done filling or adding text to the document, click “Save” in the top right-hand corner of your screen to save changes.
  • Enter your preferred file name in the dialog box that pops up on your screen to save a copy of the original file.
  • Click “Save”