How Can Lawyers Give Better Presentations?

This episode of the Counsel Cast podcast asks: “How do you deliver an outstanding presentation that keeps your audience engaged, attentive, and eager to hear more?” Accomplished stage and film performer Tyler Foley joins host Karin Conroy to share his tips on how to make your presentations worth listening to.

Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

This episode of the Toastmasters International podcast confronts one of the biggest barriers people face when it comes to giving presentations—a fear of public speaking. This topic is explored through the recollections of Robert A. Nevarez, a former police chief and current Police De-Escalation Training Coordinator for the Western United States, whose father was so afraid of public speaking that he avoided formal speaking situations. Learning from his father’s wisdom and struggles, Robert discusses how he carried the torch in his own life and conquered the fear that his father had not been able to confront.

How Speakers Can Deliver A Virtual Speech

The rise of virtual meeting technology has changed what it means to deliver a speech. Speakers no longer have to travel to a location and give a speech to a live, in-person audience. The new virtual landscape comes with new challenges. This Accidental Communicator blog post explores the challenges and benefits of virtual presentations and offers tips on how to make sure that your online presentations still engage your audience effectively.

14 Rules for Public Speaking

Whether the thought of public speaking inspires anxiety or excitement, we can all agree that we want to give the best speech possible. In this article, the Indeed Editorial Team gives 14 rules for public speaking, including practicing, arriving early to your speech location, focusing on your audience and slowing down.

Before Your Next Presentation or Speech, Here’s the First Thing You Must Think About

As a communicator, you will have your own goals. Whether you want to persuade, inspire, or educate an audience, it’s important to make sure that your goals align with those of your audience. Effective communication depends on knowing your audience and the type of information they need to engage with your presentation in the way you intend. This article by TED Director of Speaker Coaching, Briar Goldberg, examines the crucial relationship between the speaker and the audience—a significant aspect that, she contends, “many of us overlook when drafting our speeches and presentations.”