Whether you’re using a Windows or Mac computer,  you can recover closed non-incognito tabs on any browser. Check out these four quick methods:

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

On Chrome, you can use keyboard shortcuts to reopen closed tabs. This is, by far, the fastest and easiest method as you can recover tabs by combining special keys.

For Windows PC, hold Ctrl+Shift+T together to reopen a closed tab. If you need to recover previously opened tabs, keep tapping on the same key combinations (Ctrl+Shift+T). Your tabs will reopen one by one, following the order in which they were closed.

Assuming you closed the whole Chrome window because of a system update, shutdown, or other reasons, simply open a new window and use the same keyboard shortcut. All closed tabs will reopen at once.

If you’re using a Mac PC, hold Command+Shift+T keys to recover tabs. To recover all tabs at once after shutting down a window, open a new window and use the Mac keyboard shortcut.

If you’re using browsers other than Chrome like Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Opera), there’s no need to worry, as the keyboard shortcut method works well for them too.

Using Browser History

Another method to get back your tabs is by checking the browser history. Chrome keeps a record of all the web pages you’ve visited in its History section. This method can also recover tabs you’ve closed for much longer.

You can use the Ctrl+H keyboard shortcut to enter your Chrome browser history. Or you can use these steps:

  • Go to the top right corner of Chrome.
  • Click on the hamburger icon. A drop-down menu will follow.
  • On the drop-down menu, click History. You can also access history by typing “chrome://history” on the Search bar, depending on which method you prefer.

Once you click on History, you’ll see all your previously closed tabs. The newest tabs will be at the top, and the older ones, below.

Like the previous method, the Browser history method works for other browsers.

Using Tab Search

Another way to reopen closed tabs is using the unique tab search feature in Chrome — a  tiny arrow facing downwards on the tab bar. Whether using Windows or Mac, you can find this arrow icon next to the minimize, maximize, and close icons in the Chrome window.

You can also access the tab search icon with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+A for Windows (Command+Shift+A for Mac).

You’ll see a list of your opened and recently closed tabs on the tab search. You can reopen and switch to any tab. There is also a search box to find tabs using keywords.

Using The Taskbar

Recently closed tabs can also be located on the taskbar at the bottom of your screen. This works for browsers that have been pinned to the taskbar. Here is how to use the taskbar option:

  • Go over to the taskbar and locate the browser icon.
  • Right-click on the browser icon to reveal a list of recently closed tabs. The most recent ones are found at the top, while older ones are at the bottom.
  • Reopen your desired tab by clicking on it. This method works for any browser on Windows but does not work on macOS browsers.